Sunday, July 02, 2017

Holy MTHFR!!!

1. Obviously I'm doing lovely on my media fast. It's going to happen for 30 days BUT!

2. Home with strep butt. I was researching strep again. I'm so torn on antibiotics for strep especially considering thinking most of us have MTHFR. Supposedly amoxicillin is a no no for MTHFR folks. I need to get us all tested but $200 a pop adds up. Anyway, I think I've landed on having our bodies fight strep for three days then getting Meds. My grandpa had heart issues and for all I know could have been caused by RHD and hubs family also has history of heart stuff not caused by RHD. It's the best of both worlds for me. Think I'm going to bring our whole dang family in for strep testing but might see if we can get Meds called in today so we can be on drugs 24hrs. Somebody has to be a carrier and I think there might be a toddler whose butt might be doing just that. I need to write a book.

3. In looking up strep again ran across PANDAS again. Looked it up because our sweet kiddo has had an increase in anxiety lately. It's getting worse but PANDAS doesn't fit. But I was brace and finally looked up OCD. Dead ringer. Looking on my childhood and my family I can almost put money on two people in my family having it as well based on my own actual experiences and from stories I heard. And guess what? MTHFR and OCD are BFFs. We need to find out what mutations we have but on my extended family side we have like everything. It explains LOTS and LOTS! So in the meantime I can supplement us all as if we have it. And we can be team brown to eat much better and fight the mutation that way. Feel empowered and excited. I do need to make a neuro appt for one of my kiddos and going to try to get another into a dr. House kind of pediatrician. I'm fine with medicating my children who need it but I want to exhaust all my options first. All the dots. Well maybe not all the dots but dots are connecting. Feels very much like a EUREKA moment.

4. Since I'm writing this mainly for myself as a record I've seen some improvement with my diagnosed ADHD kid using homeopathy. I started using Baryata Carb. twice a day and noticing a difference in focus. Impulsivity is still off the charts but hey something is working and that's encouraging.

5. Overall I feel like the Lord is answering prayer. He's lighting our path and I am so very thankful. He is good.

6. Pen to paper is pretty amazing. Wrote lots yesterday and some this AM. Feel like there is lots of words that want to come. I feel almost compelled to write. Not sure why but we'll see what happens.

7. Going to get this internet thing figured out and mainly I just want it off my phone but thankful today to be able to nurse and try to find answers.

8. Francis Chans article floating around did my heart so very good. Even prior to our latest church crazy almost three years ago now hubs and I had some of those conversations. Makes me feel 1. Less jaded or reassures me I'm not wallowing in bitterness for thinking this way and 2. Gives me hope for the church as a whole. I really do think home church is where we are all going to end up as anyway either by choice or not. Home church can be gritty and man do I like gritty.

9. So many on my heart. Crazy crazy grateful today for so so much.


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